Mid Year Exam stuff happening at OASIS


Exams are coming up.

But that doesn’t mean you need to hide away in a corner (unless one of your topics is ‘how to hide away in a corner”).

During the exam period, a number of services around the university provide additional programs and supports. Here on the blog we have a series of posts on exam preparation. Flinders Living have a SWOTVAC calendar of events. The Library have a Reset and Recharge program happening at Central, Sturt and Medical branches. Also stay tuned to FUSA for the various supports they’ll be offering during exams.

As for OASIS, they’ve just let us know about what is happening there during the exam period.

1.       Learn to knit (starting Thursday 13 June, then the following 3 Thursdays until semester break) during the Flinders Community Market.


2.       Wednesday Warmer soups, available every Wed at Oasis and FREE!


3.       Winter coat drive (coats available at Flinders Community Market on Thurs 13 June & Thurs 20 June)


4.       Beanie giveaways at Flinders Community Market during exam period (Thurs 27 June & 4 July) – no picture but just imagine how awesome you’ll look in a slightly skewiff beanie made by a fellow student!

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