Final Mindful Yoga Class will be next Tuesday November 5


A quick note from Maureen who leads the Mindful Yoga class. If you’ve participated in Mindful Yoga at all this year, please consider taking a moment to complete her end of year survey..

Hi Everyone,

Mindful Yoga will offer it’s last class for 2019 next week, Tuesday November 5, 12non @ Oasis

Thank you all for your feedback about these classes, I have appreciated hearing how you have used the skills we practice to help focus more in lectures, and to take time out for yourselves.  I know its busy, but could you spare 2 minutes to complete the annual evaluation of these classes?  Any thoughts and comments are appreciated to ensure we continue to provide wellbeing programs that meet the needs of students.

The link can be found here:

The final class will focus on relaxation with yoga nidra, which is a form of guided meditation which encourages deep relaxation of body and mind.  We will also practice gentle movements to ease tension created in the shoulders and back by exam revision/ lots of sitting.  New students are always welcome, so feel free to let friends know about the class.

It has been a pleasure to once again share the benefits of mindfulness and yoga techniques with you all during the year.  Thanks for coming along and being part of the wellbeing programs offered at Oasis.

Best wishes with end of semester activities,


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