Coronavirus (COVID-19) information:

  1. As of Monday 20th July new patients are not able to access telehealth medical appointments across the board. Patients must be known to the health service within the past 12 months, to access telehealth appointments. New students must be seen face to face and therefore our health clinic is now seeing new students face to face. Counselling and Disability appointments remain possible via telehealth for all students.
  2. If you have a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or runny nose OR unexplained loss of sense of smell or altered sense of taste OR have had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 OR have travelled overseas or interstate in the last month please contact us via phone (8201 2118) so we can assess your situation.
  3. If you call to make an appointment with the Health, Counselling and Disability Service, the reception staff will ask you the above questions and if yes to any questions will ask you to speak to the nurse to discuss your options.
  4. Students presenting to the health service will find there is a triage desk on the ground floor of the Student Centre. All students are requested to present there first for screening for potential coronavirus risk. When you present at the Reception desk your temperature will be taken.
  5. OASIS remains closed for everyday activities but the Flinders Market, Meditation, Prayer rooms and Mindful Yoga are back. See the programs and events page for Oasis.
  6. The Department of Health (DOH) website remains the key source of information for all of us about the virus in Australia –
  7. If you are required to isolate yourself at home, read the DOH guidelines –
  8. For all Flinders Student coronavirus information, please visit
  9. Make sure to regularly check your Flinders Email address because the university is sending regular updates to students about attending lectures, where to seek advice, etc. 
  10. Visit SA Health’s Covid Mental Health Support Hub to learn about the different state-based mental health supports available to those affected by COVID-19.


In other news, you might find our After Hours Mental Health Support Services post useful.


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