Newsletter fixed? – fingers crossed!!


A couple of weeks back the Student Health and Wellbeing Newsletter developed a bit of a bug.

The newsletter looked normal, but all the links within the newsletter were random. So you clicked on an article relating to mental fitness and ended up on an article about a mobile app.

I am hoping I have fixed the issue and that normal newsletter programming will resume on Wednesday 23/9/20. For those that are new, the newsletter goes out weekly, summarising the most recent articles added to the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog.

If you are reading this, having clicked on the link from the newsletter, it means it did work. Hooray!

If you arrived here after a frustrating process of trying to find the right link, then it probably didn’t work. Doh!

Regardless, I’d like to reward your patience with this excellent nutrition website – 

Here is their latest video, curiously on a non-nutrition topic, about the health benefits of spending time in nature.

Is that totally random? Yep, but I am in a totally random kind of mood.


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