An Invitation to Join Oasis Online


If you haven’t already, we invite you to join Oasis Online. Oasis Online is a FLO topic created to supplement the activities at the Oasis Centre.

For those that don’t know the Oasis Centre is a community centre that exists on the Bedford Park Campus. The facilities and programs that are run out of that centre are there to support the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of students, so they can achieve personal and academic success.

When Coronavirus hit in 2020, the Oasis centre had to close, so in response moved some of their wellbeing-focused programs online.

Over the past few months, they’ve been slowly adding to the site.

Now you can access:

  • Wellbeing discussion forums
  • Wellbeing and productivity hacks videos
  • Conversation groups
  • Studyology (a program to tackle procrastination)
  • Mindful Meditation sessions (Wednesday and Friday)
  • A lecture from Bec on Mindfulness for Academic Success
  • Bookings for Mindful Yoga
  • The Daily Movement Challenge
  • Sign-up for Mental Fitness Workshops

with more to come.

Even though the Centre is now open again, Oasis is keen to keep the online services going, especially for those students who aren’t able to access the Bedford Park Campus.

Oasis Online participants often find out first about new wellbeing and productivity related programs that we are launching and have priority access to those programs.

It is the place to be, if you want to be in the know! (sorry, that phrase was a bit corny). Corny aside, though, it is a useful place to be if you want to be aware of what programs we currently run and what programs are upcoming.

Look forward to seeing you there. I should note, although Oasis Online is a FLO topic, it is not a course/topic requiring any sort of work or assignments. It is simply a place for us to let you know about what programs we have running and provide easy access to resources we create.

450+ students have already signed up. Don’t miss out!


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