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Thanks to the Flinders Psychology Students’ Association for letting me know about the Discord Hub for Flinders University.

The Hub, on Discord is a student-led initiative to give clubs and study groups from Flinders an online place to hang out.

There are already groups for psychology, engineering, roleplay gaming, computer society, Japanese cultural club, sketch club, art squad, the Hive, League of Legends, book club, FUMASS, medical science, philosophy, creative arts, fencing, amnesty and more.

I can see this space growing as awareness increases and the many clubs, societies and associations within Flinders look for online places to set up community.

Access is via this link – https://discord.gg/XtbCbT5yRq (also assuming you have a Discord account) but you will only be able to sign up if you can confirm you have a Flinders email address.

To be clear, this is not a formal Flinders University service. It isn’t managed or set up by staff. It is a student led initiative that builds on a recently released feature of Discord which is to create hubs for educational institutions based on .edu addresses.

So pop on by, join a club, start a club (server) of your own. In this day and age when a good chunk of our social interaction comes through these digital channels, I encourage people to experiment with such opportunities. Lockdown and restrictions have hampered our natural desires and instincts to connect with others. Exploring new modes of connection is something I think we all need to do.

When Habits Hub launches in 2022, I reckon I might just start a space on there myself


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