Shut Up and Study Sessions will run through the mid-semester break


Are you having trouble establishing good study/work habits?

Are you wanting to have some good study/work sessions leading into exams or just finish the year with some high productivity?

If you’ve not tried them already, I recommend the Shut Up and Study Sessions.

These social study sessions are conducted online (via Collaborate) and involve short periods of social contact, bookending a 70 minute focused work session.

They are great for students (and staff) who enjoy working the presence of others but may find it difficult because they are stuck in their offices or homes. Good for those studying entirely online or those in rural and remote areas (who have workable internet connection) and even for those studying offshore (if the time differences work).

We’ve been running these since early August and they’ve gone well. People who attend report it to be quite motivating and calming working in the presence of others, even when we are only connected through Collaborate. The brief social interaction at the beginning and end of the study session can provide a much needed little motivation boost and a chance to share what you are currently studying/working on.

You can find the full list of dates, times and collaborate links at this post: including the dates, times and collaborate links for the sessions being held during the mid-semester break. Please note that the Collaborate room links are different depending on the day and whether the sessions are during the break or not. But here are the links quickly for reference.

Monday 20th September 10am to 11.30am:

Thursday 23rd September 2pm to 3.30pm:

Monday 27th September 10am to 11.30pm:

Thursday 30th September 2pm to 3.30pm:

I recommend adding the ones you’d like to attend to your diary/calendar, including the Collaborate link, so you can just jump straight into the room when it is open.

Look forward to seeing you there! Remember, both students and staff welcome! We all have work we need to get done.

PS – we are developing an alternative Shut Up and Study format that is a room you can drop in and out of when you please. Stay tuned for more information on that. 

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