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You probably aren’t aware of this (and you don’t necessarily need to be), but the same people that run Health, Counselling and Disability Services (HCDS) also run Oasis.

The two services are broadly speaking in the same area – health and wellbeing. But they have important differences.

Think of HCDS as the clinical service – where you go to see someone (GP, counsellor, disability advisor, EO officer, intake worker) to deal with a specific health or mental health issue. You use them when you need them.

Think of Oasis however as a wellbeing service – offering programs and resources that you can use to keep your mental, physical, social and spiritual health in good shape. It is the kind of service that can become an ongoing part of your university experience. Maybe you do Mindful Yoga with Maureen each week, join one of the chaplain-led discussion groups or sign-up to wellbeing programs like Be Well or Studyology.

Essentially what myself and the rest of the Oasis team aim to do is connect you to the wellbeing resources and programs that will make your university experience more enjoyable and productive.

If this sounds interesting to you, there are a few ways to make us part of your everyday life.

The first is to sign up to Oasis Online – a FLO topic where we keep you informed of what programs and resources are available to you.

Here’s a really quick guide on how to do that:

The second set of options involves signing up to one of our social media channels. We communicate regularly on both Facebook and Instagram and you’ll find out about what kinds of events and programs we are running on campus via these channels.

The final option (if you can access the Bedford Park campus relatively easy) is come visit us at the Oasis Centre. We are opposite Car Park 5, on the left hand-side as you make your way through the laneway, past the library, drama centre and coffee place. We are on the bottom floor of the convention centre style building. There is some signage 😊

Come meet Sarah or the chaplains or the volunteers/wellbeing ambassadors. We’d love to meet you.

Regardless of how you connect with us we’d be happy to keep you informed of the many wellbeing-themed events, services and programs that are run here at Flinders.

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