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Overview: A discussion forum on Oasis Online is a place to share your thoughts on what kinds of wellbeing/productivity focused resources, services, programs you’d like to see here at Flinders. Reading time ~ 2.4 minutes. 

Oasis Online is a FLO topic from the team at Oasis that serves a couple of purposes:

  1. Provide an overview of the different wellbeing programs, services and resources you can find here at Flinders
  2. Provide access to online and pre-recorded versions of some of their programs (e.g. Conversation Groups, Studyology)

Accessing Oasis Online is as easy as logging into FLO, searching for ‘Oasis Online’ and joining the topic.

Unlike other FLO topics, there isn’t any assessment or assignments associated with this topic. It is there as a source of support.

Once signed up, you’ll get a couple of email notifications each week. The first arrives on Mon/Tues and relates to upcoming programs and opportunities. The second arrives on Thu/Fri and is an invitation to participate in the Oasis Online discussion forum, a recent addition.

Currently its a bit of a ghost town – a few preliminary posts from me

I’m keen to hear from you though.

Between HCD and Oasis I work on a lot of wellbeing focused programs, resources and services. But the question always remains – are these what students want?

The forum is a place to share some of your ideas, thoughts and insights into what would help students build good physical and mental health and be able to connect with their studies.

I’ll add new topics each week, so you should be able to find one that resonates with your thoughts and opinions.

I don’t need much of your time (maybe just 10 minutes or so to add a post), but if you want to express some ideas about how to help students build wellbeing and productivity, I’d love to hear from you.

Your insights will help me and the teams I work in shape future wellbeing initiatives.

For other ways to get involved in helping with the wellbeing of peers, look into the Wellbeing Ambassador Program at Oasis.

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