Learn about the different ways that people train their minds

Overview: There is an upcoming free seminar I am giving on the topic of mental fitness on the 2nd May in the evening, via Collaborate. In it I’ll talk about how we train our minds for the purposes of good mental health health and productivity. This post provides some details including how to RSVP. Reading time ~ 2 minutes.

I’ve been pondering the topic of Mental Fitness since back in 2017.

I’ve gone through a number of iterations of how I talk about the topic since then. I continue to develop my thoughts on it.

Coming upon the 2nd May 2022 I am giving a free seminar in the evening, for students and staff at Flinders, on my current thoughts about the topic.

Monday 2nd May – 6pm to 7.30pm via Collaborate (I’ll give you the room URL upon RSVP)

I’ll talk about Mental Fitness as a set of capacities we can develop that help us bring positive mental health states of being into our lives. I’ll talk about the most common ways people engage in training of the mind and you’ll be able to reflect on whether any of those seem like good additions for your own life based on a subjective assessment of your own mental health.

We’ll cover things like meditation, therapy, hobbies and interests, mind-body activities, habit formation and more. There will be (if I don’t talk too much) some time for discussion and questions.

If you are interested in improving your mental health, or just learning a bit more about how people do that, come along! Would be great to have you there.

If you think peers/colleagues/fellow students would be interested, share this blog post with them.

To indicate your attendance, simply email me from your Flinders email address (gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au) and I’ll provide the Collaborate room link for the night.

Then on the 2nd May, we can sit down together, virtually, have a nice glass of wine/beer/water/fanta and chat about how to make our brainz all big.

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