Wishing everyone a happy Easter break 2022

Overview: Whatever the Easter break means to you, on behalf of the teams at HCDS and Oasis we hope it is a happy one! In this post just a couple of small notifications about opening hours and access to the Crisis Line. Reading time ~ 2.5 minutes.

It is Easter!

This means different things to different people. For some it is an important religious holiday. For others it is about time with family. For others, it is a chance to lie in a pile of chocolate wrappers in a haze of shame.

Whatever your relationship with Easter, I hope you are able to allocate your time and attention in a way that refreshes, rejuvenates, rewards or rewires you. I’ll take some extra time to be with family. I’ll also work in the garden, tend to the lawns, binge-start a new TV show and even work on a couple of psychology projects that need some tlc.

A book I read recently on behaviour change suggested we use such opportunities as a ‘fresh start’. If you’ve not been having the academic year you wanted, perhaps use this break to put together a plan for how you will return to study with new tactics and refreshed motivation.

As far as Health, Counselling and Disability Services and Oasis, we will be closed over the 4 days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon), all resuming business on the Tuesday 19th.

We look forward to re-connecting again when we return!


If you need medical/psychological assistance:

If there is a Medical Emergency phone 000.

Marion Domain Medical Centre is open daily. Ph 8375 7000 – https://www.mariondomainmedicalcentre.com.au/

After hours, phone the National Home Doctor Service, if you require a HOME Visit, Ph 137425 – https://homedoctor.com.au/

Flinders Medical Centre, Emergency Dept is open 24hrs.

☎️ If you find yourself distressed or not feeling safe remember our Out of Hours Crisis Line is operational during these breaks.

Many community based services may operate during the break in some capacity.

Many phone and chat-based services stay operational as well.

Call or chat to Lifeline if it all feels a bit too much – https://www.lifeline.org.au/

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