Free Flinders-made book on mental health available to order

Overview: Mental health is the health of your mind. Your mind is your greatest tool, especially in the world of study and academia. Learn more about how to look after it with a Good Vibes Experiment Activity book, free for Flinders students. Find out how to access one via this post. Reading time ~ 2 minutes.

The Good Vibes Experiment is a mental health campaign built by students for students here at Flinders.

At the core of the campaign is an Activity Book 📔 that discusses different simple but important wellbeing activities we can embed into our everyday lives. You can read more about the book at this post.

The Activity books can be found on campus (e.g. at the Oasis Community Centre), but it can be a bit of a hit-and-miss affair, so why not order one to have it mailed out to you! Ahh the wonders of the modern mail system 📫

To order a book, fill out this form (Flinders students only). There is no cost to ordering or receiving one.

If you like it, you can then hunt down a few extra copies to give to friends or family members. Just between you and me, we have plenty of stock of the books.

To learn more about the Good Vibes Experiment campaign itself and how to action it in your life, the following posts might be helpful:

Living life according to the principles of the Good Vibes Experiment

The Underlying philosophy of the Good Vibes Experiment

Building a Good Vibes Plan

Otherwise, wishing you a happy and productive day 😃

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