A short video on dealing with negative self-talk 📺

Overview: YouTube is a source of great personal development content (and a source of crappy stuff as well). I don’t share anywhere near as much of it as I should. So here is me trying to change that. A video from Big Think on how to handle our negative inner chatter. Watch time ~ 7 minutes.

I spend a lot of time on YouTube. But admittedly it isn’t watching mental health themed content. YouTube is my escape world where I watch videos on other topics of interest to me: investing, philosophy, cars, computers, music etc.

But I do get mental health themed content in my daily feed, because I do have subscriptions to some relevant channels.

One of those channels is Big Think. Big Think have been running for years producing content intended to share insights from “thought leaders across all fields and industries”.

Their recent videos have been frequently catching my attention. I’m not sure if that is because I am seeking out such insights or whether their topics are growing closer to my fields of interest.

Regardless, I have been enjoying their content.

This morning I enjoyed this 7 minute video featuring Ethan Kross, a professor whose work straddles psychology and business.

He talks about our internal chatter, our self-talk, and how it is an amazing resource/tool but also prone to getting stuck in negative cycles.

The video covers topics that we explore in the Be Well Plan and I like that one potential solution he discusses are rituals – well rehearsed strings of actions that move us forwards in those parts of life that are important to us, but are somewhat resistant to negative self-talk (because we do them mostly automatically).

Anyway, see what you think:

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