Last chance!! – Oasis Survey ends on the 11th November

Those of us in student wellbeing services like Oasis are thinking about the programs and resources we will provide in 2023. Help Oasis ensure their programs are meeting student needs by completing their survey. Reading time ~ 1 minute. Survey time ~ 5 minutes. 

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that Oasis, the Student Wellbeing Centre, was seeking feedback from students on how it can better meet student wellbeing needs.

You can read that original post (and access the survey as well) here.

This post is simply a gentle reminder that you have until the 11th of November to give Oasis your feedback.

Now I know that this year has included a lot of surveys and questionnaires and completing them can be a bit of a pain.

But the intention behind these surveys is good. The more we understand about the student experience, the better we can build stuff that makes your time at Flinders more enjoyable.

So, if you have at least one more survey in you, please consider sharing your thoughts with Oasis. The survey itself is really short (~ 5 minutes).


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