Call out for onscreen participants for SBS/Artemis media documentary series about sleep

Participate in a sleep study AND potentially be on TV. Those kinds of opportunities don’t come around very often. Make sure to fully read the attached information sheet.

Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Dr Michael Mosley

A 3 x 1hr documentary series showcasing a ground-breaking new sleep treatment program designed by world leading sleep scientists at Flinders University, Institute for Sleep Health.

Sleep Revolution is a follow up to the hit series Australia’s Health Revolution with Dr Michael Mosley –

Serial insomnia sufferer Dr Michael Mosley, together with some of the nation’s poorest sleepers, put their bodies on the line to trial Australian‐led, world first treatments. Teaming up with expert sleep scientists at Flinders University, Institute of Sleep Health, Dr Mosley will wake up the nation to the dangers of bad slumber and inspire a sleep revolution.

Every organ and cell in our body benefits from sleep. Without it our risk of obesity, cardio‐vascular disease, cognitive impairment, accidents related to sleepiness, depression and other mental health issues, significantly increases. With 40% of Australians struggling to sleep and only a few ever seeking help or getting the treatment they need, can Michael and a team of pioneering sleep scientists, finally crack the sleep disorders of some of Australia’s worst sleepers when everything else before has failed?

Those selected for the 30‐person sleep trial will be treated by some of the most innovative sleep physicians and psychologists in the world. The Flinders team will uncover an often‐hidden web of biological, psychological, and socio‐economic drivers that are keeping them awake and use revolutionary, precision medicine to try and fix their broken sleep.


We are looking for adults of all ages living in South Australia, who are struggling to sleep due to insomnia or sleep apnoea or who may be suffering from both of these conditions – either medically diagnosed or not. We are keen to hear from people who suffer from a diverse spectrum of these sleep disorders whether caused by work (stress and shift work), night terrors, the household environment, lifestyle, or as a result of other people in their family (e.g., snorers or young children). We want to know how disrupted sleep affects your every‐day life and most importantly, we want to help you try and fix your sleep by undergoing a pioneering, highly individual, multi‐faceted sleep treatment program. We’re interested to know how your culture, beliefs or current circumstances impact your attitude towards sleep and your sleep habits.


The sleep trials and the filming will be conducted in Adelaide and regional South Australia, between November 2022 to the end of March 2023 and require participants to be available throughout this period. Filming will be intermittent. To be eligible for the study and receive treatment, you must be willing to appear on television and be selected to participate in the television series. Where possible, it will be worked around your work and life commitments but may require some flexibility e.g., occasional half day or full day, mid‐ week.

Participants may be required to take part in 2 x overnight sleep studies at the sleep lab at Flinders University or at home. Sleep treatment programs will be tailored for each participant and may be 4 to 8 weeks long. The sleep treatment program will be primarily conducted from each participants home over the 4‐8 week period.

Participation will be subject to medical clearance from the Flinders Sleep team.

You can read a lot more detail in the participant information sheet. 


  • Not all 30 participants who take part in the treatment program will feature equally in the TV series. While some may only appear very briefly on screen, all will participate in the same ground‐breaking sleep treatment program.
  • The Sleep Treatment Program will be provided to participants at no cost.

To register your interest please complete the Volunteer Pre‐screening Survey via the Flinders University Sleep Health website by clicking the “volunteer for a study” tab: Or QR code:

This study is being funded by Artemis Media via grants from various sources including Screen Australia, Screenwest, the South Australian Film Corporation and SBS.

This study has been approved by Flinders University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (Project ID 5655).

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