Student Health and Wellbeing Blog will be quiet from 16th December to 23rd January

The Student Health and Wellbeing Blog is a primary communication channel for Health, Counselling and Disability Services. It will be quiet for a while, whilst energy is built for a bumper 2023! Reading time ~ 1 minute, 27 seconds.

Since starting the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog in 2017, we’ve published 1168 posts, averaging a post every 1.5 days with a current 2300 active subscribers.

This blog remains one of the primary ways we try to keep students (and staff) notified of the ever-changing wellbeing and mental health landscape here at Flinders.

I’m mindful that running a blog is kinda old school, and I suspect sustaining readership in a world where people are trying to reduce their subscriptions will be difficult. I know that I am getting ruthless with unsubscribing from email newsletters and I wouldn’t criticise others for doing the same.

But this blog isn’t going anywhere. We promote our programs here. We write custom self-help articles. We feature the work of students. We try to point you to the various services, programs and resources in the community that we think you might find helpful. And the platform is easy to use, reliable and displays OK 👍🏼 on all devices 📱

And really, it doesn’t matter too much if you are a subscriber, a casual reader or only ever end up on this blog because of a very specific article or reason. The fact it is here and gives us a place to publish relevant news and articles and be able to archive them is incredibly useful.

In 2023, we’ll explore some expansion opportunities so people can access the content, without necessarily having to add to their email load. For example, we’ll look at ways of auto-posting content from this blog to social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn). We’ll also explore ways of embedding core blog content into the learning platform, so the relevant content is there when you need it.

But for 2022, we are slowing down and I will be taking a hiatus from posting on this blog between 16th December and 23rd January. I am taking a longer holiday break than usual because I want to rejuvenate well before a packed 2023 schedule.

Please note that Health, Counselling and Disability services finish later and resume earlier. They close on the 23rd December and resume services on the 9th January. You might also want to take note of Oasis opening hours.

There is still a couple of weeks left before I go on leave, so I better get cracking on writing the final few posts for the year 😊

Take care. G

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