Taking registrations for Be Well Plan and Studyology

Want the psychological tools for better mental health, resilience, productivity and tackling procrastination? We’re offering a couple of programs that might help and are currently taking registrations of interest from students who want to do these programs. Details in the post. Please share with peers.

I teach a couple of programs that you might find useful in your life as a student. I am currently taking registrations of interest in both.

The Be Well Plan is a 5 x 2-hour program that teaches you how to develop your own mental health and wellbeing plan. In the same way as you might have some sessions with a personal trainer in order to build an exercise program, Be Well Plan shows you how to create your own psychological self-care routine using evidence-based psychological strategies. Learn more about the program here. 🧠

Studyology is a 5-session group program designed to give you the psychological tools necessary to combat common study problems like procrastination, perfectionism, low motivation and study avoidance. Many students report struggling with procrastination. It’s a common challenge in the academic world. Studyology outlines a few psychological tools you can use to disrupt patterns of procrastination. Learn more about the program here. ✍

I’ll be delivering both programs online 💻 so you can connect from whatever campus you attend or from home.

Both are also group programs, meaning you get to meet and work with like-minded students to build healthy habits. I suspect that for many students this is the part that is most helpful – meeting other students also trying to positively change their lives.

Rather than set specific dates for their delivery, we are getting students to register their interest in either or both of the programs and then when we hit a critical mass, we’ll work with those who have RSVP to find a date/time that works the best for everyone. These programs are open to undergraduate, Honours, post-grad and PhD students. They are open to campus-based and online students.

With that in mind, if either program sounds interesting/needed then email me gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au with your FAN, student number and which of the programs you’d like to be a part of (you are welcome to do both if it interests you).

Feel free to email me if you have questions about either of the programs as well.

Take care

Dr G

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