Mental health in Academia: strategies for surviving and thriving

PhDs, post-docs and researchers – join me for an interactive talk on “Mental Health in Academia: Strategies for Surviving and Thriving,” exploring the challenges faced in the academic environment and providing insights on maintaining and building mental health, with a focus on stress-buffering activities and an opportunity for Q&A.

I am doing a talk for the Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH) on Wednesday 31st May at 12pm via Zoom.

As the title of the blog post suggests it is on Mental Health in Academia.

Organiser John has kindly opened up the invitation to other PhD students, post-docs and researchers who might be interested in the topic.

If you’ve heard me talk on self-care before, there will be some overlap. However, I will be trying to focus this talk on the types of stress buffering activities we have available to us, when working in situations and contexts that are very psychologically demanding (which modern academia is).

I am also going to try to make it a bit interactive (I tend to drone on by myself when left to my own devices), so it’s a good chance to bring any self-care/ mental health questions you might have.

Details of the session are below:

Mental health in Academia: strategies for surviving and thriving

Gareth Furber (Flinders)

Abstract: As a psychologist, it has been pleasing to see increased discussion of mental health in the workplace, including Academia. In this presentation, I’ll define the term ‘mental health’, explore common strategies for maintaining and building mental health, and then deep dive on a few specific strategies with academic challenges in mind such as frequent rejection, burnout, funding competition, completion of long projects and productivity pressure.

Bio: My name is Gareth. I am a psychologist working in Health, Counselling and Disability Services at Flinders University. My area of interest/expertise is mental health promotion. In my work I try to learn as much as I can about how people build and sustain psychological health and share that with others via lectures, writing, workshops, therapeutic programs, campaigns, and collaborations.

To join the seminar, please contact me for the Zoom link 🙂

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