Office of the eSafety Commissioner

February the 6th was Safer Internet Day. It is an international day, designed to raise awareness and encourage safer and more friendly online behaviour. Whilst you […]

The Loneliness Project

  I just finished reading a good article over at The Globe and Mail. It was on loneliness. Loneliness “is a feeling of sadness or distress […]

Free self-help, from the library!

When I think ‘University Library’, I remember the hours I spent in the library photocopying journal articles for psychology papers. But things have got a lot […]

School of Life App

  I’ve mentioned the School of Life a couple of times on this blog.I am a particular fan of their YouTube channel which contains bite-sized chunks […]

7 days of psychology

  Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat, wondering “what the hell do psychologists do?” According to research […]