Mindfulness for Academic Success

  Update 1/5/20 – At the moment, we can’t run face-to-face workshops like Mindfulness for Academic Success (MFAS). However, if you join Oasis Online (our FLO […]

Flinders Community Market

  One of the challenges of being a student is eating well, and unfortunately beer doesn’t constitute a suitable diet on its own. But eating well […]

Christmas on Campus

  Any plans for Dec 25? 🤷🙋‍♂ Consider joining some peeps at Oasis at Flinders University for a Student Celebration! 🎉🎉🎉 Hosted jointly by International Student Services (ISS), FUSA and College […]

Dogs + exams = stress reduction

  Whilst I think you should actually try to embrace your exam stress, sometimes you just want to smoosh your face into a dog. If that […]