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Assignment Schedule Tools


One of the counsellors just forwarded me a very cool resource that helps you schedule all the tasks you need to do to complete an assignment.

It can be found on the University of Kent website.

The University of Kent call it the “Assignment Survival Kit (ASK)“. A similar tool on the University of Minnesota website call it an “Assignment Calculator“.

Using the tool is simple.

ASK Date Entry

Having done this, a new page will open, containing tasks that need to be completed, and by when, to ensure the assignment is ready to be handed up on the due date.

Each of the tasks is clickable, linking to resources that more comprehensively explain each task.

ASK Schedule

If you struggle with allocating the appropriate amount of time to your assignments, or are not familiar with the steps in preparing an assignment, this resource may be very valuable.

As noted above, a similar tool exists on the University of Minnesota website.



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