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Wellbeing Ambassador


In 2018, our Wellbeing Promotion Officer Ali Barnes launched a Student Wellbeing Ambassador Program.

The Wellbeing Ambassador Program is for students at Flinders University interested in contributing to student wellbeing.

Students are provided with free training, engage with students on campus at wellbeing events, and contribute to numerous wellbeing initiatives.

The program is linked with the Horizon Awards program.


Why should I sign up?

Excellent question imaginary reader!

Mental ill health is one of the leading challenges for tertiary students. Many report feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. Here at Health, Counselling and Disability Services we see that first hand, with more students than ever presenting to counselling services for assistance.

Ali’s Student Wellbeing Ambassador Program is part of a bigger move here at the university to reach out to students to talk about mental health and wellbeing and develop novel and effective solutions. This blog is part of the strategy as well.

We know that students want to be involved in developing these solutions because they frequently ask us how they can get involved.

This is a way to get involved.

Not only will you be helping address one of the biggest challenges for universities, you will also be earning points towards the Horizon Awards program, which you can include on your CV when you leave university to show you were engaged and active in building work-ready skills.

So to summarise. If you sign-up…..

  1. You will be considered a legend by all of us here at Health, Counselling and Disability Services (HCDS) and OASIS.
  2. You will get that warm fuzzy feeling inside that means you are making a difference in the world.
  3. You will make your CV better with some juicy Horizon Awards points.
  4. You will get to work with Ali, who is delightful.
  5. You will get some training from me and others at OASIS and HCDS to help you hold meaningful conversations with other students about mental health and wellbeing.
  6. What you learn as an ambassador will help you with your own mental health.
  7. You will meet new people and have new experiences – that is some character-building mojo right there!

Ambassador roles are open to anyone, regardless of year of study, degree, age, gender, culture or fashion sense.


How do I sign up?

Applications for the 2018 program are closed, but Ali will be recruiting more people in Semester 1, 2019.

If you would like to be considered, contact Ali on or 8201 5929, or drop in and see her on Wednesdays or Thursdays at OASIS.

She can talk with you in more detail about what the ambassador roles involve and how it might fit with your own goals.


Ambassador Flyer

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