Upcoming SBS documentary takes a unique look at mental health

How Mad Are You


SBS have what looks to be a fascinating 2-part documentary airing on 11th October (tomorrow) and then subsequently on their on-demand service.

It is called “How ‘Mad’ Are You?

They take 10 Australians, with different backgrounds and ages, and get them to spend a week together. During that week they complete a range of psychological tests and challenges.

5 of them have a history of mental illness, including anorexia and bipolar disorder, but we don’t know who.

Three mental health experts (psychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric nurse) then try to identify these 5 based on their performance on the psychological tests and challenges.

For details on the documentary visit – https://www.sbs.com.au/guide/article/2018/09/10/can-these-experts-tell-who-has-history-mental-illness

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