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mental health week 2018


Flinders is celebrating Mental Health Week next week, from the 15th-17th October.

There are a bunch of activities happening, thanks to the ever-organised folks at OASIS, FUSA, Mad Tea Collective, Flinders One, and the Flinders Outdoors Club.

I think there is something here for everyone, from the lazy and old like me, to the fit and fantastic like you dear reader.


Lets take a quick look.

For those that are already fit and fantastic, there is a College vs College fun run on Wednesday the 17th October. Details here (don’t be put off by it saying the 10th October). Do you love your College? Do you despise the other Colleges? Prove it by running around.

For those perhaps looking to get a bit more fit and fantastic, The Flinders Outdoor Club is hosting two walks around the lake: 12.00pm on both Monday (15th) (cancelled due to weather) and Tuesday (16th). Meet on the grass outside the hub. I’ll be there, if that is either an incentive or negative. For those not out of breath, we’ll be talking about the evidence that physical activity and exposure to nature can improve your mental health.

On Monday (15th), the Mad Tea Co, myself and OASIS are launching the Keep Your Cup Full campaign. You can read more here. The basics are that we are going to challenge you to adopt one new mentally healthy habit during Mental Health Week. See the Mad Tea Co Facebook event here.

On Tuesday (16th)), thanks to Flinders One, you can get your Qigong and Yoga on from 12.30pm (half hour of yoga and mindfulness) and 1.00pm (Qigong). Free. Meet at the Gym. Wear pants that won’t embarrassingly split open at the first sign of a downward dog.

On Wednesday (17th) in the hub, there will be a “Take Care of You” expo. All sorts of stalls and activities, all focused on adding some warm fuzzy inner glow to your day. Drop by and say hello.


And if those things aren’t inspiring you, then take a look at this tranquil logs in water picture. Schyeah, that’s the shizzle!

Mental Health Week 2018 A3 Poster


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