New Bedford Park campus map and new simpler URL for our website


A new campus map for Bedford Park is now available and is attached to this blog post (click the link to the left or the image at the bottom of this post).

It covers all the main buildings, lecture theatres, facilities, services, student support, retail, food and beverage, and bus loops/stops.

This includes where to find access parking and lifts for those needing mobility assistance.

The only way you can get lost if you have this in your possession is if you have no sense of direction like me. In fact, as you wander aimlessly around the campus, you might find me doing the same.

At the back of the map is a list of the main student support services, including us at Health, Counselling and Disability Services.

Here is us on the map!

campus map 2

Additionally cool is that we now have a much simpler URL for the Health, Counselling and Disability Services website – which is a helluva lot easier to remember than

The URL for this blog remains as

Tell your friends. Tell anyone that will listen!

Happy Travels!

Dr G

campus map

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