Building New Habits


I can’t think of anyone I know who hasn’t at some point in their life told me about their attempts to start ‘eating healthy’ or ‘getting more exercise’ or ‘looking after themselves better’.

Me personally, I’ve had many failed attempts to start a new diet, or get more exercise, or spend more time with friends.

Establishing new healthy habits is hard and has been a topic of interest to me for a while.

So I put together a handout on the topic (update 21/6/19 – I’ve now updated it to V2!!).

The attached handout covers many of the different methods that health psychologists have used to help people develop new habits.

A habit is something that we do regularly and pretty much automatically – for example – brushing your teeth.

If you can establish ‘healthy habits’ you are well on your way to putting in the foundation for long-term health and wellbeing.

In fact, my Introduction to Mental Fitness course, when it is all boiled down, is really a guide for building mentally or psychologically healthy habits.

Turning something into a habit, whether it be meditation, or exercise, or journalling requires specific attention, especially if we are trying to establish a complex or difficult habit.

In this handout are 40+ techniques you could use to help you in that process.


I DON’T recommend trying to do all 40, but I do recommend, if you are trying to establish a new habit, identifying a handful you think might help you and implementing those.

You can access a digital copy by clicking the image below, or you can find this handout on the wall outside the Health, Counselling and Disability Services reception.

If you’ve found cool ways to help you stick to regular healthy behaviours, I’d love to hear about them.


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