Am I still working on mental fitness stuff?


Yes. Yes I am.

It has been a while since I’ve produced anything though but I am still working on chapters of the mental fitness workbook. The last chapter published was Chapter 7.

I am just on a very difficult chapter at the moment and I only get a few occasions each week to work on it. Since the Coronavirus landed, I have been (pleasingly) very busy with other projects. For example, I just announced the Wellbeing and Productivity Hacks sessions today.

I have also been able to make some significant progress on Studyology V3, which I hope to be revealing in the next couple of weeks. Studyology is a program to tackle procrastination, something we all struggle with. We’ll be launching it online so all students can access it, regardless of location.

But back to Mental Fitness.

The Mental Fitness workbook is the culmination of a lot of my thinking over the last couple of years on how we make important changes in our lives, so I am taking my time to make the first version of it as concise and tidy as possible. This means it may be a little while before I can release the full version. However I will continue to publish chapters as soon as they are written.

I also plan on doing some one-off seminars on the topic soon, so stay tuned to the Oasis Online FLO topic for more details.

So the short-answer to the question is ‘Yes, I am definitely still working on Mental Fitness Stuff’.

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