Phone and chat services for just about everything


When I started in this job, one of my tasks was to scope all of the online and telephone chat services that are available for students (and indeed any member of the public) to use.

I was honestly surprised at the range of telephone and chat support services that are now available.

There are now phone and chat services for:

  • those in crisis
  • men
  • people who just want someone to talk to
  • those struggling with mental health issues
  • those who have been affected by sexual assault, domestic or family violence or trauma
  • LGBTIQA people
  • those struggling with an eating disorder
  • veterans and defence personnel
  • people trying to quit smoking
  • individuals affected by gambling addiction
  • parents
  • indiviiduals affected by drug and alcohol addiction
  • those with cancer and their family and friends
  • those struggling with study or work issues
  • people trying to make difficult decisions
  • those affected by road trauma
  • those affected by suicide
  • specific cultural and religious communities

We’ve been keeping track of them in this document. If you are looking for support, this is worth a look.


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