It is wellbeing week here at Flinders!


This week is Wellbeing Week.

Now, COVID-19 put a few spanners in the works in terms of mid year orientation activities.

Whilst we are limited in terms of what we can do face-to-face, that doesn’t mean there aren’t activities happening.

In fact there is quite a bit happening this week, with a number of groups around the university getting creative in their wellbeing offerings.

Leading the charge is Flinders Sports and Fitness who will be livestreaming classes, running competitions, offering free access to the gym this week for all students, starting a Strava community, hosting an online Q&A, doing clubs promotions and providing wellbeing tips. Phew!!

Also, stay tuned to Oasis, FUSA, Hey Flinders and ASK Flinders for content they will be posting throughout the week. A particular focus this year will be giving students access to these social media channels where they can share their best wellbeing advice.

Kinda a good time to get a Facebook or Instagram account if you don’t have one!


And what am I doing for wellbeing week?

That is an excellent question. I’ve been put on notice that I may be called in to do a couple of interviews or livestreams, talking specifically about mental health. Those will appear via the channels outlined above.

I am also running a Professional Resilience and Mindfulness Session with the Horizon team on Wednesday (4/8/21). Good opportunity to sign up to the Horizon Awards program if you aren’t already.

But my main job this week? I am rebuilding Oasis Online so it can become the premier ‘wellbeing’ focused FLO topic in the system. Bold goal I know, but its worth trying.

I am also building a new wellbeing focused program, that will be available to students in 2022, that teaches you the science of good habits.


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