PhD Group for Dyslexic students


One of my colleagues sent this through, having themselves received it as part of an email exchange seeking support services for students with learning disabilities.

I can’t speak to the quality of the group or the support it provides, but it may be an avenue for some of you to explore.

I’ve reproduced the details of the group below. Even if you don’t join the group, you might find the additional resources at to be useful.

PhD Group for dyslexic students

The Dear Dyslexic Foundation are excited to be running a PhD Group for dyslexic students undertaking their PhD and Doctorates.

The aim of the PhD community is to provide peer support to those with dyslexia who are embarking on or undertaking their PhD, yay!!!

We hope to achieve this in the following ways:

  • Advocacy for research undertaken by dyslexic PhD students
  • Promotion and building reputation of dyslexic PhD students and their research
  • Provide the group with access to dyslexic research leader in the field through research podcasts, Facebook live interviews, facilitating research that others are doing in line with our strategic plan and developing international research networks.
  • As to date, our enquiries and membership have come from PhD students from a range of disciplines and presenting their studies informally to peers will forge strong research links that DDF would provide a pathway towards sharing across institutions and even countries.
  • Help raise awareness of dyslexia nationally and internationally.
  • Turning our research into practice by informing policy change and support our work with the State and National Government.

You can join this closed PhD Facebook Community – or come along to our membership only monthly catch-up session with like-minded doctoral candidates and guest speakers. The meetings are set for the last Wednesday in each month. Visit to get the dates/times and zoom room links.

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