This podcast episode is jam-packed with useful small tips for improved health

Overview: All of us are looking for relatively small, low-intensity interventions to improve our health and wellbeing. One of my favourite people in this space is a guy called Andrew Huberman from Stanford University. This podcast interview with him isn’t so much an interview as him cranking out 100 minutes of solid wellbeing advice. Reading and listening time – 105 minutes

Those of you who have heard me speak have possibly heard me mention Andrew Huberman. He is a neuroscientist at Stanford who is remarkably good at teaching people how to positively impact their wellbeing and productivity through an understanding of the nervous system.

On my morning walk today I listened to an interview he did with another productivity guy I like (Shane at FS Blog). Honestly, it was just a powerhouse 100+ minutes of Huberman reeling off actionable strategies for sleep, productivity, stress management, impulse control, supplements, self-improvement and more.

I know you already have plenty to learn, but if you have parts of your day dedicated to podcasts (e.g. walk, morning bus trip), consider throwing this episode into the mix.

You can get heaps more Huberman at Huberman Lab. He is just one of a number of suggested people to listen to in my wellbeing reading/listening list.

Dr. Andrew Huberman: The Science of Small Changes [The Knowledge Project Ep. #133]

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