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Overview: Demand for mental health and therapy services is increasing. Platforms like Talked might assist you in finding therapy options in the community. Learn more in the post. Reading time ~ 3.5 minutes. 

Hopefully, as a Flinders student you are aware that you can receive counselling support through the university. This includes after-hours crisis support. [Staff – EAP is your go]

This is often the first port of call for students who are going through tough times, dealing with difficult issues or need therapeutic intervention.

Whilst students may start their counselling journey with a Flinders counsellor, they often continue it or supplement it with therapeutic services in the community.

In previous posts, I’ve listed online CBT therapy options, phone and chat services and other help services in the community.

I got an email today from Ben Southall at

He requested that I list their directory on the Phone and Chat services post.

Talked is an Australian platform for finding and connecting with therapists, counsellors and psychologists.

They currently have hundreds of therapists in Australia listed in their directory. All have training and belong to regulatory bodies, but that training can differ. Some are psychologists (like myself) and registered with AHPRA. Others are counsellors, belonging to the Australian Counselling Association.

Talked’s goal is to help you find the right therapist for your needs

I’ve come across a few of these services in my time including international ones like Talkspace.

Talked is a valuable addition to this space, with a focus on Australia.

It is impossible for me to speak to the quality of the therapy you’d receive through this platform (there is an inbuilt rating system that might help), but the platform itself appears to meet a number of criteria: therapist choice, easy booking, encrypted chat and video platform, ability to get Medicare and private insurance rebates (conditions apply) and secure payment options.

In a world where more people are accessing therapy through platforms like this, it might be an option worth considering. Yes, receiving therapy via telehealth is a different experience to face-to-face (note that some therapists on the platform do provide f2f appointments) but telehealth can be equally as clinically beneficial.

As someone who has both provided therapy and received therapy, I can attest to the challenge of finding the right therapist for you.

Platforms like Talked might appeal to those of you wanting some choice, who are willing to pay for sessions and who are comfortable receiving therapy via chat and video chat.

Curious? – check out their FAQ to see if your questions have been answered. Otherwise, you can chat directly to the team via their website (little chat icon in bottom right hand corner).

Note that Talked is not a crisis response platform. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency call 000 or Lifeline.

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