Nine big myths about depression — busted

I thought this episode of All In The Mind on depression was useful in separating out the illness of depression, from the way we use the term ‘depression’ colloquially. It also tackles some thornier issues around whether treatments work and should people initiate them.

Show notes

Now that we’re more comfortable talking about mental health, it’s time to address some misconceptions.

Is depression REALLY a chemical imbalance in the brain? What’s the difference between being depressed and distressed? And are psychedelics the solution we’ve been waiting for?

Today, Professor Ian Hickie breaks it all down and reveals the biggest myths about depression.

Professor Ian Hickie
Co-Director, Health and Policy, Brain and Mind Centre
The University of Sydney
Author, The Devil You Knew

Diane Dean and Rose Kerr

Sound engineer:
Emrys Cronin

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