Mental Health Week Challenge #3 – Add exercise to your commute

mental health week challenge 3


I’m going to be upfront.

I don’t think the weather is supporting our Mental Health WeekKeep Your Cup Full‘ challenge this year. We probably need to ask the climate if it is OK, and we might not like the answer.

Yesterday when we challenged you to spend more time in nature, it was windy and raining.

Today when we are challenging you to add some walking or riding to your daily commute (see the graphic below), it is cold and raining.

So in the same spirit as yesterday I am going to suggest you take today’s challenge and apply a ‘delay’ until more suitable weather.

That being said, a nice walk in the rain (assuming appropriate rain protection) can actually be quite nice, so I don’t want to discourage those of you that see no barrier in wet weather. I would however like to pledge my allegiance to the raincoat, and express my overall dissatisfaction with the umbrella. Basically, because no umbrella I’ve ever owned has allowed me to do this:



For those of you that are happy to keep your activities inside in such weather, remember that the ‘Take Care of You Expo’ is being held in the Hub from 11am to 2pm. Lots of stalls and exhibitors and stuff. My guess is there will be free stuff, and the best kind of stuff is free.

On a related, but not very related note, I was very lucky yesterday to sit down with the boys from Mad Tea Co (the drivers behind the Keep Your Cup Full challenge) yesterday and record a small video interview. Stay tuned to their Facebook channel for when it will be posted, especially if you enjoy watching nervous fidgety unkempt 41 year old psychologists answer questions about mental health badly (and who doesnt?!).

All that aside, I bring you challenge #3 of the ‘Keep Your Cup Full’ campaign. Remember, that if you decide to add some exercise to your commute, please visit us again to let us know how it went. Did you keep doing it? Did it impact positively on your mental health? Did you just get rained on and were thoroughly discouraged?


Keep Your Cup Full 3


Take Care

Dr G

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