Mental Health Week Challenge #5 – Sign up to the blog


I admit, this one is totally self-serving.

Challenge #5 from this week of Keep Your Cup Full challenges is to subscribe to the blog – the blog you are reading right now.

You might ask “well, if I am reading it now, why do I need to subscribe?”

That is an excellent question.

The truth is, I’ve got lots to say about being more productive and happy. I can’t fit it into a single post or handout.

I write about it most days of the week, and the blog is where I put that writing.

Also, there are now other people using the blog to talk about wellbeing, like Nurse Tim, and students like Eloise. One day you (valued reader) might create something for the blog!

So if you subscribe, it will mean we can keep you up-to-date with productivity and wellbeing-related news, events and articles.

For example, you’ll find out when we launch our Mental Fitness course, or release our program of wellbeing courses for 2019.

You’ll be informed when new articles in existing series like the ‘Becoming a Behaviour Change Expert‘ are posted.

You’ll find out about important things happening at Health, Counselling and Disability Services and OASIS.

You will be ‘in the know”. And whilst I don’t want to create a sense of FOMO, I will anyway 🙂


But how do I subscribe?

If you are reading this on a desktop or laptop, the subscribe box is probably over on the left there.

If you are reading it on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom.

Visit this post for other subscribe options

Or if you can’t be bothered with those options, just email me ( and tell me to add your address.


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