7 Days of Psychology relaunches for 2018

7 Days of Psychology


One of the joys of being in control of a blog is the opportunities it opens up for shameless self-promotion.

That is what I am going to do now, although I will defend it by saying that what I am promoting is consistent with a broader goal of this blog to give you the tools for self-development.

Back in 2017, myself and some psychology colleagues from the South Australian Branch of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) came up with a simple idea to celebrate Psychology Week (11th to 17th November).

We called the idea ‘7 Days of Psychology’.

The basic concept was that over 7 days, we’d send out 7 articles describing a different facet of or area within the discipline of psychology. People would subscribe with their email address in order to receive the articles.

Fast forward to today, and we are re-launching the 7 Days of Psychology website for 2018, with a new set of articles. In 2017, we talked about the different fields within psychology. In 2018 we are talking about some of the most influential research studies/papers ever published in psychology.

A number of those articles contain concepts that are highly relevant to life as a student.

For example:

  • Bandura’s 1977 study on self-efficacy demonstrated that our beliefs about our abilities can be a strong predictor of whether we tackle difficult activities.
  • Ryan and Deci’s 2000 study on self-determination theory highlighted 3 core psychological needs that we are all striving for: competence, autonomy and relatedness
  • Ajzen’s 1991 paper argued that the we engage in healthy behaviours when those behaviours make us feel good, we expect good outcomes, we think other people approve of the behaviour and we have the skills to do so.

So if you’d like to learn a bit more about some of the studies and theories that shaped the field of psychology, please considering subscribing over at http://www.7daysofpsychology.com/

If you subscribe before the 11th November, the emails won’t send out until the 11th, but if you subscribe after the 11th, you will start receiving the emails the next day 🙂

Take Care

Dr G

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