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Update 13/12/19: I’m working on a new self-care guide, but I have given the Mega guide a bit of a facelift, some new sections and new content. Always good to refresh things a bit.

I just put the finishing touches on version 1 of the Self-care Mega Guide, a handout for distribution here at Health, Counselling and Disability Services but also online.

Whilst I’d like to say that this is all original content, it is actually a combination of two existing handouts – self-care guide and our service pamphlet.

I have however added new content to some of the sections and overall tried to give it a spruce-up (within my limited design skills).

The self-care component of the handout covers:

  • building positive emotions
  • managing challenging emotions
  • becoming a better thinker
  • developing self-awareness and understanding
  • searching for meaning, purpose and identity
  • building and maintaining supportive relationships
  • caring for your body
  • developing skills for professional success
  • modifying your environment
  • financial control
  • having fun
  • helping others

I think of it as a series of starting points you might consider if you’ve made the decision to try and work on yourself or your life.

The service pamphlet covers the various services, programs and resources that are provided by the team here at Health, Counselling and Disability Services.

Both sections contain lots of links to further reading and resources, so to be honest, this is a bulky resource.

The expectation is not that you’d work through the whole thing, but pick and choose content that is relevant to you.

Enjoy – and distribute freely!

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