The Flinders Eating Well crew have a new blog


I’ve written about Flinders Eating Well (or Eating Well @ Flinders) before on the blog.

Eating Well @ Flinders is a SSAF funded initiative to help promote and support healthier eating and good wellbeing for students at Flinders University.

Given what we are learning about just how important nutrition is for both physical and mental health, modifications to your diet are a potentially simple way to get some serious physical and mental gains. Diet is one of the top 3 things I recommend people try to get sorted in order to maxmise mental health.

The Eating Well @ Flinders crew have just launched a new blog on which they’ll be publishing weekly blogs about all things nutrition, including cheap and cheerful recipes. They’ll teach you how to eat healthily on a student budget.

The new blog complements their existing Facebook page, their Instagram and their on-the-ground activities around the university, like their presence at the Flinders Market.

Show your support by following one of their social media channels as well as getting in contact with them and letting them know what they can do to improve the food environment here at Flinders.

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