Mental Fitness Workshop first date announced.


The first Mental Fitness Workshop I’ve ever run has been announced for the 8th September from 6.30pm to 8.00pm (yep, after-hours).

You can book via Eventbrite. There are limited places (50), so get in quickly if you want to attend. No cost.

Details of the workshop are:


What is it?

A 90-minute workshop with me (Dr Gareth Furber from Health, Counselling and Disability Services) in which I will give you a blueprint or framework for self-development and self-improvement. 


Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in making improvements in their lives. 

Anyone who wants to understand the tangible steps one takes to make improvements in their lives. 

Anyone interested in personal psychology.

Anyone in a helping profession that wants a model not only for their own mental health but to assist others in theirs.

Anyone working on their physical fitness who’d like to know how similar principles apply to mental fitness.

Anyone dealing with mental ill health

Anyone interested in forming good habits. 

Anyone working in a high pressure or high stress setting and wants tools for understanding how to be more resilient.


What I think you’ll get out of it

An understanding of mental fitness and how to build it.

An understanding of why it might be important for you to build mental fitness.

An awareness of the parts of your life where you might make improvements.

Experience of different mental fitness ‘workouts’.

An understanding of habit formation.

An appreciation of the fact that mental fitness can be built without necessarily investing a huge amount of time or effort. 


What is involved in the session?

We’ve packed a lot of content into the 90 minutes, so expect it to be fast-paced.

The first lot of workshops will be delivered online via Collaborate. 

There are individual reflection exercises throughout the workshop that you’ll be invited to do. Some sharing of your experiences will be possible during the session (in the group chat) but there won’t be a lot of interaction between participants in this workshop. We’ll look at making more interactive versions of this workshop soon 🙂


Can you get Horizon points?

Yep – 10 of them. 

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