The wellbeing programs that are already up and running


The academic year hasn’t kicked off yet but there are already some wellbeing programs happening. I’ve covered the main ones below. This list will grow as the year progresses.   


Counselling 👩‍⚕️

The counselling service is open! Students use this service to help them problem-solve personal or academic issues. This can include dealing with a relationship break-up, procrastination, mental health difficulties and a wide range of other issues. Learn more and book an appointment here.  


Conversation Groups 🗣

Over at the Oasis centre, chaplains run regular informal conversation groups for students wanting some social contact. Groups focus on English language practice (for students with English as a second language), supporting spouses and carers, developing intercultural connections and faith and spirituality. One of the groups (Tuesday 2-3) is held online. Visit the Oasis website to learn more and find the right group for you.   


Student Health and Wellbeing Blog 💻

You are reading this post, which means you are probably already aware that the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog is back up and running for 2021. The blog is a place for students to learn how to build wellbeing, mental health and productivity. We publish new posts each week and deliver them via the HCDS newsletter. Visit the blog to peruse recent articles, or subscribe if you haven’t already.  


Meditation 🧘‍♀️

Dave, one of the chaplains, runs meditation sessions at Midday on Wednesdays and Fridays at the Oasis Centre. His style of meditation focuses on breathing and mindful awareness. No experience is necessary, although experienced meditators will appreciate the opportunity for additional practice. Visit the Oasis website to learn more.  


Mental Fitness Community 🧠

Late in 2020, following the delivery of a couple of Mental Fitness workshops, I started a Mental Fitness Community. It is basically for students who want to have an ongoing conversation about the principles of building mental fitness. At present it involves me sending out an educational email once every couple of weeks. In 2021, I hope to grow it into an online community where students can interact with each other as well. To join the community just subscribe here


Chaplaincy ♥

One of the key services offered at Oasis is chaplaincy. There are four practising chaplains that students can contact to discuss matters relating to spirituality, meaning, purpose and life in general. Contact with Chaplains is done via their email. Learn more about the different chaplains and find out how to contact them via Oasis Online


Self-help library 📚

We continue to produce and update our self-care/ self-help guides. These guides are intended to help you learn more about the different wellbeing/ mental health services available to you, learn more about our programs and build mental fitness, self-improvement and self-care skills. These guides are getting a major facelift and revision this year, so look out for new and fancy versions of them over the coming 12 months. For now, these remain available online, but also as hard copies outside the reception area of the Health Service.    


Oasis Online 📲

Oasis Online is a FLO topic where you can stay up-to-date with everything that is happening at Oasis. We’ll let you know when wellbeing programs are running or starting. We’ll give you access to recorded sessions (e.g. you can the full Studyology program lectures there at the moment). You can also learn about how to get involved with programs like the Wellbeing Ambassadors. In the same way as Oasis has a physical home (centre located next to Car Park 5 on Bedford Park Campus), it also has a digital home in Oasis Online. Membership is open to all.      


Flinders Community Market 🥕

One of the most popular activities at Oasis is the Flinders Community Market where you can access free and low cost food items to assist in you staying on top of your nutritional needs. The market is held every Thursday during the semester. Visit Oasis website to learn more and to book a spot.

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