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Update 8/4/21 – Added in a link to a similar factsheet from eMHPrac crew. 

Sometimes when you are feeling down, you just want the sweet sweet embrace of the computer screen or the dull audio of the telephone.

For a while now we’ve been trying to keep track of many of the different mental health and wellbeing related resources that are available online.

For example, there is our Phone and Chat Services document and our Online CBT Programs list.

The document linked below is a bit of an amalgam of all these different resources with some apps, chat sites, online therapy places and a few more things thrown in for good measure (including some COVID-19 resources).

My hope is that you find within this resource one or two websites that become part of your ongoing mental health self-care.

If you’ve encountered online mental health resources that were particularly helpful to you, feel free to contact me ( and I will look to add them.

Otherwise, I hope you find Digital Resources for your Mental Health useful.


PS – this Managing Your Mental Health Online factsheet from the eMHPrac crew is also pretty good 🙂

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