Urgent Mental Health Care Centre


A colleague sent through to me some updated information about a mental health care centre in the city.

It is called Urgent Mental Health Care Centre (UMHCC) and it is located at 215 Grenfell Street, Adelaide.

It is open from 12pm to 12am everyday. 08 8448 9100. umhcc@neaminational.org.au 

According to their website – https://www.neaminational.org.au/find-services/umhcc/

A welcoming place for people experiencing a mental health crisis.

The Urgent Mental Health Care Centre (UMHCC) provides high-engagement support in a calm, “lounge room like” space to help with your urgent mental health needs.

The UMHCC offers an alternative to presenting at hospital Emergency Departments for a mental health crisis.

We work with you to understand what will help right now, and then if needed, connect you with the right support for later.

Using a combination of peer-led recovery and clinical support, we provide evidence-based, caring, safe and inclusive urgent mental health support.”

Might be an option for those who live near the city and who experience mental health flare-ups and want a support service during those times.

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