Shut Up and Study Inaugural Session went well, join us on Thursday for second!


Why study alone when you can join a virtual community of Flinders peeps getting work done?

This week I launched something I had been thinking of launching for a while.

Shut Up and Study Sessions!

Built on the Shut Up and Write philosophy, these sessions are online meetups where we get our work done.

The format is simple

Sessions run for 90 minutes 

  •  10 minutes intro and quick guided meditation (to get us all in the working mindset)
  • 70 minutes of quiet work (no interaction, but knowing we’re all there)
  • 10 minutes closing statements and chance to share via text chat your achievements, learnings, tasks completed etc

Undergraduate, post-graduate and staff all welcome. What connects us is a desire to get our work done.

On Monday (9th August) we did our first ever session. Got 6 people. 6 people got their work done. Bam!!

The second is coming up this Thursday at 2.00pm

Thursday 12th August, 2pm to 3.30pm - 

Pop it in your diary and join us. Given it is virtual, there is no real limit to how many people can show up.

These sessions will be run weekly (except holidays) for the remainder of the year. For full list of dates/times and Collaborate links go here 

Hook in from home, hook in from the library, hook in from wherever you can get a wifi signal.

See you there.

Dr G

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