First few Shut Up and Study sessions have been well received and we’d love you to join us 💻


Shut Up and Study Sessions kicked off last week. We’ve had three of them so far.

At the last session, we had 8 of us in the Collaborate room. We talked briefly for 10 minutes – shared our goals and tasks for the session, then worked silently for 70 minutes, before reconvening at the end to share our progress.

Those, like me, who had not done something like this before reported that it was a comforting and surprisingly productive experience. All of us focused well on the tasks we had to do, but experienced the additional benefit of the interaction before and after. There is something simple but validating about telling others what you are going to work on, as well as hearing what tasks others have to do.

So if you are looking for a bit of social interaction, but also wanting to develop a strong work ethic, then these sessions might be just the thing.

We meet online, so if you have an internet connection you can join in. We interact via audio and text chat, so if you are in the library and can’t talk, that’s OK, you can still take part via text chat.

Next one is Thursday 19th August from 2pm to 3.30pm.

Full description, schedule and links to the Collaborate rooms can be found at the following link:

Would love to see you there!!

PS – if you just want to log-in and watch/listen, that is OK. We don’t force interaction on those who don’t want to. But you might still find it valuable to feel part of a community of people trying to get their work done.

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