Good luck with exams everyone, from the teams at HCD and Oasis


A quick note from me, on behalf of the teams at HCD and Oasis, to wish all students good luck and focus during the exam period. 

The goal now that we are in in the exam period itself, is to not overcomplicate your schedule and plans.

In addition to studying for the exams themselves (which my guess is you are doing already) here are a few simple wellbeing tips that can help keep you in the zone for the next couple of weeks. 

  • Try as best as possible to sustain good sleep patterns – sleep is one of the best chances for your brain to consolidate knowledge from the previous day, and good sleep provides an excellent foundation for learning the subsequent day (i.e. improved focus, attention and mood).
  • Try to eat healthy – some vegetables, whole foods, not too much junk, min alcohol, good hydration. 
  • Take regular breaks from study – i.e. some kind of movement every 90 minutes minimum – this might be some yoga, stretches, a walk, some star jumps – it might not be your full physical activity schedule, but doesn’t mean you can’t still move regularly.
  • It’s ok to put other life stuff on the sidelines for the exam period – you can pick them up again when exams are over.
  • Refresh your attention and focus throughout the day through non-sleep deep rest (e.g. 10 minutes meditation or focused breathing) or nature exposure (wide gaze, taking in the vista, chasing a duck).
  • Notice and name any self-defeating or self-critical thinking patterns that doubt your ability or encourage you to abandon good practices. It’s not a surprise that these kinds of thoughts show up (it is your brain’s awkward attempt at protecting you) but they don’t need to be engaged with in any meaningful way. 
  • Remember that exams are an opportunity to demonstrate what you’ve learned this semester/year and that is a good thing. You are on the way to building a different life for yourself.

There is a tendency in most of us, during periods of high emotion (which I’d say that exams are trigger) to abandon good basic healthy practices. Try to keep as many good practices in place as you can, whilst also pushing yourself hard in terms of learning and studying. 

When the exams are over, you’ll have some greater freedom to rest and recuperate and plan your holiday period.

All of the staff here at HCD and Oasis have you in our thoughts and wish you best in this final sprint to the end of what has been a bizarre year.

Take care
Dr G

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