Mindfulness for Academic Success introduction session on 7th September

Mindfulness for Academic Success is a very popular program run by counsellors Maureen and Dave. If you are interested in learning more about the application of mindfulness to improving your study experience, Maureen is running a 1 hour introductory session on September 7th. Reading time ~ 2 minutes.

Mindfulness for Academic Success – an introduction

Mindfulness is about paying attention, on purpose to the here and now, so that we can fully engage with whatever is happening around us. It invites us to train our attention to be in the present moment, rather than worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.

There are so many benefits of mindfulness in our everyday lives and our lives as students. Mindfulness can:

  • Improve our short-term memory and processing speed, so we can remember and recall what we learn
  • Improve ability to process information quickly and accurately, so we can understand what it is we are learning more easily.
  • Increase the thickness of brain regions involved in self-awareness and sensory processing

This one hour workshop is an introduction to the Mindfulness for Academic Success program, which is usually taught as a 5 week course.

This will be an interactive opportunity to discuss what is mindfulness is, and how we can use formal, informal, and applied mindfulness tasks to assist us to study.

There will be opportunities to practice several mindfulness techniques and a workbook will be available to take away to continue your practice.

Time and date:
Wednesday September 7th  @ 12.30-1.30pm

In person at Oasis (J7 on the campus map)

Facilitated by:
Maureen Germein – Counsellor, and Mindfulness for Academic Success Program facilitator, Health, Counselling and Disability Service

email maureen.germein@flinders.edu.au with your intention to attend

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