Student Wellbeing Survey extended to 7th October 😯

Student participation in the Student Wellbeing Survey is just starting to ramp up, so the survey team has decided to extend the survey period to the 7th October. Whether you are using the mid-semester break to chill, work or catch-up on study, please consider completing the Student Wellbeing Survey to have your anonymous voice heard on the state of student wellbeing here at Flinders. In this post, I put forward my final arguments for those on the fence about doing the survey. Reading time ~ 2 minutes. 

The Flinders Student Wellbeing Survey has been running since the 5th September and was originally planned to stop on the 23rd. But it took a bit of time before awareness of it spread and the people started completing it. Now that we have some momentum, the survey team has decided to extend the survey period to the 7th October. This means, as of writing this post, you still have 2+ weeks to complete it.

Access the survey ⭐ here ⭐

Now I’ve spoken about the survey a couple of times on the blog (here and here), so apologies if I feel a little repetitive. It is just that we don’t get many opportunities to do such university-wide sampling of student wellbeing and the results will help shape wellbeing activities in 2023 and beyond, so I am keen for as many students as possible to do it.

If you have already completed it, then my sincere thanks 🙏🏼 – you’ve provided the data we need to make wise choices about wellbeing activities into the future.

If you haven’t completed it and are sitting on the fence about doing so, here is my sales routine, the routine intended to convince you to take part 😊

  • You can win an iPad. We now have an iPad as part of the prize pool along with wellbeing packs and vouchers.
  • It only takes about 10-15 minutes, so not overly time consuming. The mid-semester break might free up just a little bit of time to participate.
  • Answers are confidential. We collect FAN only from those that want to go into competition to receive prizes, and those are separated from the actual data.
  • Rather than just have your answers disappear into a black box, you can elect to get a customised wellbeing report that you can use to focus your self-care efforts. We’re even running a session to help you interpret those results.
  • The results of the survey will inform the Wellbeing Working Group, a collection of staff and students tasked with developing and implementing wellbeing initiatives across the university. Everyone who completes the survey is putting their voice into that process.
  • Completing the survey will get you reflecting on your own wellbeing which may be the catalyst for important change in your life. Wellbeing isn’t just whether you are happy or not, it is a complex set of inter-relating factors. This survey gets you thinking about these factors and in turn, can help people be more strategic about where they invest their time and effort.

If you’ve got questions about the survey and those are holding you back I am happy to field them. Just email me at

Take care everyone.

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