Mindful Meditation for Relaxation and Stress Relief

One simple way to invest in your mental health is to punctuate your days with stress reducing, relaxing activities. It might be time in nature, coffee with a colleague, a light walk or a good laugh. For many, meditation is a practice that brings clarity of mind and relaxation. Dave from Oasis runs two meditation sessions each week at the Oasis Centre. Get along and see if it might become a healthy mental break in a packed schedule.


Midday Meditation is run twice a week by Dave from Oasis.

Sessions are run face-to-face at the Oasis Centre.

Meditation which is a guided process focused on breathing and based on mindfulness principles. No experience is necessary, our instructor will walk you through it.

Meditation can help provide a reset to calm the body and mind. The process helps to control the monkey mind that likes to race all over the place and cause havoc with our thoughts and emotions.

Participants have noted feeling calmer, have greater clarity of thought, concentration, and perspective, and increased feelings of success and wellbeing. The perfect antidote to a modern schedule.


Meditation in 2023

There are two meditation sessions per week in 2023 – Wednesdays and Fridays at 12.00pm.

Sessions are held at the Oasis Centre – Downstairs of the Function Centre Opposite Car Park 5.

Sessions run for 30 minutes. A perfect way to centre yourself before a busy afternoon or after a busy morning.


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