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Unlock Your Potential with ADHD 101 Support Group: Join us for a transformative 10-week journey designed for students with ADHD. Discover your unique strengths, conquer study challenges, and foster a supportive community. From organization to emotional regulation, we’ll equip you with strategies for success. Register now and embark on your path to academic excellence!

ADHD 101 Support Group (10-week program)  

Students with ADHD have some amazing strengths and skills that set them apart from other people and having an ADHD-mind can tend to make studying at university more difficult – no matter how much you want to succeed or how hard you try. 

In this group you will have the opportunity to join with other students who have similar experiences to you. You will be invited to understand more about how your brain works and build up strategies for overcoming common ADHD-related difficulties, including: 

  • Organisation 
  • Procrastination and getting started on study-related tasks 
  • Emotional regulation and anxiety 
  • Social processes and more 

This is a relaxed, neurodiversity affirming, and confidential group which meets for 2 hours each week throughout the semester. Participants need to commit to attending every week, even during busy times of semester.


All places for this program have been exhausted. To be placed on a waitlist for the next opportunity please complete this form. 

We will then be in touch to organise a face-to-face consultation with one of our group facilitators. All applicants will need to attend this brief consultation, to join the group. 


If you are only able to attend this program it was to be held online, we are taking expressions of interest and if there is the demand we will run this online also. Please express your interest here.

For more information contact

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5 thoughts on “ADHD Support Group

  1. I’ve got a class 1-3 on Tuesdays, and I start work at 4. Is it possible to have like a community discord/asynchronous recordings/materials or something? Or maybe another/an online class at the same time on a Wednesday?

    1. Hi Claire,

      Thanks so much for your question. At this stage, the group won’t be recorded but we are taking expressions of interest for those who prefer online. We can look into providing resources online also in the future. In terms creating a discord – this may be better managed by the Flinders Neurodivergent Study Support and Advocacy group on campus to have that communal support. Of course the cousnelling service is also available to assist 1:1. Wishing you all the best!

  2. For the people on the waitlist, is it possible if we could still attend the session and watch from the sidelines? Or perhaps even an online link? I was really looking forward to attending this program but procrastinated on signing up 🙁

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