New Resource for Victims of Crime and Abuse – Digital launch


Victim Support Service and Flinders University are pleased to announce the digital launch of a new resource for victims of crime and abuse:
After Crime and Abuse: Common Reactions to Trauma and Strategies for Coping

This resource will make it easier for victims of crime and abuse to access information and strategies for coping with trauma, to understand they are not alone in what they are experiencing and see the types of things that have helped others re-establish their sense of wellness.

The resource is available online in digital format and as a downloadable or print brochure. It covers:

  • common reactions to crime
  • ways to cope after crime
  • self-medication
  • how to find support
  • client stories

The online resource also includes links to further supports and information, including resources specific to COVID-19 and coping in uncertain times.

It is based on findings from research which began in South Australia in 2011 when VSS approached Flinders University Professors Marinella Marmo and Willem De Lint “to explore ways to access evidence-based knowledge that could help their everyday interaction with crime victims.” (The study was recently published in book form as “Narrating injustice survival: self-medication by victims of crime”)

These are challenging times for us all, particularly so for victims of crime. VSS are committed to providing both counselling and practical supports to their clients, and any other person affected by crime and abuse during this coronavirus outbreak, via their 1800 842 846 telephone support and video counselling services. They encourage anyone who needs assistance to get in contact.

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